Dear Ms Samantha Taylor, This letter I’m writing to you today has a purpose of relaying my perspective of the argument you’ve brought to light. This letter is meant to emphasise the inimical nature of social media teenagers have become privy too. You have made it clear that you don’t believe in Franzen’s or the […]

Both Mary Shelley and Shakespeare explore Power and Control in their respective fields Mary Shelly in her Gothic novel Frankenstein and Shakespeare in his play the Tempest. In Frankenstein, Frankenstein delves too far into his studies eventually creating the antithesis of what he intended using posthumous “donors” human body parts combined to make the creature. The […]

First and foremost, I would like to ask you have you ever felt you were worthless, that you were to blame for something that’s ultimately not your fault. Have you ever been depressed, downhearted or even despondent, so much that you lost all hope of seeing even a sliver of light in a dreary night […]

It was a small town, which looked more like a wasteland than the leaflet brochures in various shops and markets assured them it would be. It was just down the highway yet a numinous feeling resonated off the walls of every house, building and market within a fifty meter radius, however it wasn’t always like […]